How to pick the right scissors?

How to pick the right scissors?


There are specific advantages to the different types of handle designs, but the most important factor in picking the right one, is which design feels most comfortable. What feels comfortable may vary from stylist to stylist - depending on the shape of their hand and their cutting style. The main types of handle design are:

Symmetric handle

The handles are symmetrical and look quite straight. Using a scissor with a symmetrically designed handle makes it possible to change the way the scissor is held for a greater degree of freedom.

Offset handle

One handle is longer than the other. The offset design is more ergonomic and allows the arm and elbow to be in a lower position, which is generally more comfortable. Especially easy and popular for the ordinary blunt cut.

Semi-Offset handle

One handle is longer than the other, but the difference is not as big as on the traditional offset handle.

Left or right handed?

When possible, it is recommended to use the correct scissor configurations, as it will make the cutting more natural - which helps to prevent damage on hands and wrists.


The size is usually indicated in inches and is measured from the very tip of the blade edge to the end of the longest finger hole (it does not include the finger rest).

Some stylists prefer short scissors, others prefer long. To some extent it depends on the type of cutting that is being done. Many feel that shorter scissors are more suitable for detailed work, and longer scissors are more suitable for powerful work. But the most common way to find the ideal size is to place a pair of scissors on the palm of the hand, with the finger hole touching the base of the thumb. The tip of the blade should be in the last section of the middle finger. But the most important thing is always for the scissor to feel right.


There are different types of hair cutting scissor blades:

Micro Serrated

Many European scissors use this design, with micro serrations on one or both blades. They are great when you are learning to cut hair. Good for slow detail cutting or use on dry hair.

Standard blades

This is the most popular and easy to use blade. Most of the time these blades are narrow tipped and handy which makes them the most suitable for precision cutting.

Convex blades

Often referred to as “Japanese Style”, the convex blades are very sharp with a razor-like edge. They can be used for all cutting techniques but are the absolute perfect blades for slicing.

Sword blades

The sword blades are the sharpest blades on the market, and they provide you with twice as long durability in comparison to other blades. On the sword blades the power is delivered to the point of the blade, so they cut effortlessly without chasing the hair.

Concave blades

The scissors using a concave blade will cut the hair well and with little effort because the cutting load is lower than in existing scissors.


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